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Kent, UK

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In 2003, The British hardcore scene exploded. Most specifically, it happened in the South East corner of it. The ‘Canterbury Hardcore Scene’ was both reviled and excruciated over, country-wide. It was both the best and worst thing to happen in the underground music scene and also for a band, hailing from Ashford, Kent about 20 miles away, called November Coming Fire.

It was an exciting time to be around because, it gave a lot of exposure to young budding artists in the UK, particularly in the South, which gave bands like The Break In and Chariots the opportunity to get their names heard. It also meant things like the infamous, NCF-organised, ‘Converge Scout Hut’ show where they literally created a Converge show in a 100 capacity Boy Scouts meeting place. It was also a plague because, this is Hardcore in 2003, and by now, particularly in the UK it would seem, the whole ‘macho’, aggressive, and thug-like behaviour was the underbelly of this scene. It both supported and eventually imploded it, too.

Release : “Dungeness” 12 inch gatefold lp