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Perth, Australia

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Perth 5-piece Miles Away are set to confirm their standing at the top of the hardcore heap with their awe-inspiring third album, Endless Roads.
The culmination of eight years of hard work, heartache and good times, Endless Roads is the sound of a passionate, road-hardened band at the height of their powers. Three years on from their previous effort, 2007’s Rewind Repeat, Miles Away are older, wiser and more determined than ever.

“We’ve all matured and that’s come through in our writing,” says MA guitarist Adam Crowe. “This time we set out with different intentions for each song. We wanted some short, fast songs, some heavier songs and also some epic, drawn-out songs…”

This newfound sophistication is evident right from the chiming punk chords that kick off the album’s intro track, “Hibernation”, which then plunges into the familiar full-force hardcore of “Seasonal”. Advance single “Ghostwriter” is a hardcore punk anthem where mosh parts and gang vocals sit perfectly alongside melodic punk rock riffs and hook-laden choruses.

Written last year during some rare downtime, Endless Roads was recorded in early 2010 at Wild Arctic studios in New York by producer Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, American Nightmare, The Hold Steady, Brand New), whose insider knowledge of hardcore coupled with supreme sound-pulling skills brought out the very best in Miles Away’s old school meets-new school sound.

Endless Roads is the sound of a passionate, road-hardened band at the peak of their powers.

While the title is an obvious reference to the band’s non-stop touring ethic, the concept goes far beyond the clichéd sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll mythos most people associate with life on the road. According to Adam, the lyrics focus just as much on the downside of leading such a nomadic existence – feelings of disconnection, sacrifice and regret.

“Touring is a big part of our lives,” he explains, “And while that’s all mostly positive, it can be somewhat negative as well. Spending so much time on the road you start to lose contacts, relationships start to fade and your old friends move on without you. I think that is something that comes through on Endless Roads.”

The Endless Roads metaphor reaches its logical conclusion on the album’s epic final track, “Hearts And Minds”, which is all about seeking alternative paths in life. Essentially it’s a wake-up call to anyone stuck in a blinkered 9-to-5 existence.

“People work the daily grind and the rest of the time their eyes are stuck on the TV and they call that living,” rails Adam. “Endless Roads has got a lot to do with that – open your eyes, don’t get stuck being a clone.”

Miles Away have opened themselves up to the infinite possibilities, and the results are there for all to hear.

Endless Roads will strengthen their position at the forefront of Australian hardcore, while at the same time enhancing their reputation as fast-rising stars of the international scene.

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