Hometown :
Stockolm, Sweden

Members :

Marcus Lundqvist
Tobias Larsson
William Roos
Sam Reilly

pic by Marion

Bio :

With a sound containing both fast, pounding parts and heavy down-tempo sections, and with lyrics ranging from social criticism to self-contempt, these kids play negative but honest music. Ageing is Grieved’s first recording and features four desperate tracks. For fans of No Omega, This Gift Is a Curse, Jealous, Cursed and Oathbreaker.

While “Ageing” with their previous EP, Grieved has definitely aged with their new album “Samaritans“. Physically, but most of all musically. There’s still so much angst pumping in the veins of these 8 tracks, but the four Swedish managed to create a more mature sound. The voice still pours emotionally driven anger, guitars develop distorted killer riffs and the rhythm section never sounded so sick, but somehow they created a more cerebral yet passionate song writing. The result is “Samaritans”, 8 tracks of pure dark mid-tempo hardcore sickness in the vein of Cursed , well crafted, passionate and with a killer production.

Following came a Split 7″ with Runes. Grieved stay on the path paved with the previous effort “Samaritans” with two powerful songs that show the band at its finest: a sonic blast that expands what we can call the typical Grieved sound. A pleasure to make your ears bleed.
Grieved will record their as yet untitled first full length towards the backend of 2014. Expect progression and aggression. Expect Grieved.

“Grieved’s brand of Stockholm Blues is dark hardcore at its finest” – Terrorizer

Grieved are ready to exit their obscure world and make a name for their selves. – Michael Simeon

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