Hometown :
San Diego, California

Members :

Daniel Wand
James Kenney
Andrew Tamayo
Chris Callahan
Ryan Knowles

Bio :

Founded in December of 2009 in San Diego, CA. After the release of two EPs and two singles, they recently recorded a 7″ EP with producer Taylor Young.

Capsize play a unique blend of modern hardcore with powerful drumming, killing riffage and suffering vocals on melodic lines. Departing from the previous album “Set Sail” sound, the californian five piece gives a more mature touch to the songwriting, that shows the band’s potential at its finest. “Live A Burden, Die A Curse” is the band latest effort, three tracks of passionate and abrasive hardcore straight from/to the heart, ready to bring some freshness into the scene. Don’t sleep on this while waiting for the full length.

Release : Live A Burder, Die A Curse 7 inch